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To assist in the operation and maintenance of the MODU`s equipment as required by the OIM , the Crane Operator of the Rig or the Rig Superintendent / Toolpusher on duty. To act as crane banksman, to carry out repairs and maintenance of the MODU and assist the Crane Operator. To act as part of helideck crew. To clean and paint as directed by Crane Operator. To assist with drill floor operations as required by the OIM, Crane Operator or Rig Superintendent on duty. To communicate effectively with other members of the MODU crew to ensure safe, efficient "handover" of operations. To participate fully in all health, safety and environmental initiatives and programmes. To participate in pre-tour and weekly safety meetings. To perform and assist others with the performance of maintenance in line with planned maintenance schedules. To assist, when required by the OIM, Rig Superintendent/Toolpusher, Crane Operator or other supervisor or other supervisor, in the performance of other tasks when the MODU is not engaged in drilling operations. These will include : *marine opertions - Anchor handling, tow-wire handling, deck work and protective coating maintenance; *construction/repair operations during breakdown or shipyard periods; *administrative duties - preparing and maintaining inventories

Added on 22/07/2014